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STITCH LAB LA is committed to supporting those foundations that make swift and direct impacts to people, communities, and nations around the world.  We have selected Direct Relief because of their commitment to get protective gear and critical care medications to as many health workers as possible, as quickly as possible. 

COVID-19 Relief:

Direct Relief conducts emergency deliveries daily for medical facilities across the U.S.  During our new product launch, STITCH LAB LA will donate 5% of these new product proceeds to their heroic efforts.

Companies we work with

medical scrubs

Premium healthcare scrubs that transition across your busy schedule.

We call it Life|Twicetm – blending your worlds with sophisticated styling.

nursing scrubs

Do It in Comfort and Style. Do It in Stitch Lab LAtm

We’ve done the work, now you can reap the rewards.

Stitch Lab LA

A new vision for premium medical wear.

Unlike any other medical apparel company, we blend the technical elements required for perfection in fit and function. The design of our healthcare scrubs artfully maintain elements of the traditional medical uniform while using contemporary styling for a modern look. It’s not about flash, it’s about comfortable fit, sleek tailoring, and exquisite fabrics chosen for their durability. Take a step forward and experience the Stitch Lab LA difference.

Why Stitch Lab LA?

Performance + Professionalism + Mastery + Fashion

As a medical professional, you may not always have time to think about what you wear. Between your professional life, social life, and family life, time to unwind and decompress is minimal.

But looking your best is important to you and that’s where Stitch Lab LA has your back. Whether you’re meeting an important patient first thing, meeting friends for lunch, or heading to yoga straight from work, our luxury medical scrubs are right for almost every occasion. Be confident and go anywhere in style.

healthcare scrubs

Stitch Lab LA is a medical apparel lab built on science and style.

At the heart of our designs is the careful consideration of style, comfort, functionality, and affordability. The science in our scrub designs is reflective of our own years of professional medical experience and recognizing the limitations of traditional medical wear.

Our mission is to serve professionals who have chosen the brave and courageous field of helping others. Stitch Lab LA will carry you in comfort and style from the moment you launch your day until that final nod goodnight.

All Stitch Lab LA medical scrubs are 100% cut, sewn, and created in Los Angeles, CA.