Made in California, USA

Stitch Lab LA is where performance, mastery, and fashion meet.

Our Fabric

Our Lux fabric line has the look and feel of elegance and high fashion, with built-to-last durability. Lux blends the highest quality woven fibers with 5% Spandex for a plush feel, rich colors, long-lasting wear, and no fuss from wash to wear.

Our Fit

Stitch Lab LA addresses your need for movement and flexibility with our exact tailoring. Our luxury medical scrubs include unique design elements like no other:

  • Every style is built to move with your body in the most natural way with 5% Spandex Lycra.
  • Stretchflex™, a cross-back banding design element built into every top, enables 360o movement while maintaining that tailored look.
  • Flexcurve™, our women’s pant banded top, allows that same comfortable 360o movement while accommodating a variety of waist types.

We Function

As professionals in both medical and fashion, we know the value of a well-functioning garment. Stitch Lab LA medical scrubs feature strategic placement of pockets, both visible and hidden, to accommodate almost any medical instrument or personal effect. Our graceful yet understated designs are appropriate for a variety of office environments and we’ve tested our luxury medical scrubs for men and women in almost every possible work and social environment to rave reviews.

It’s Fashion

We borrowed the best ideas from high fashion and introduced them to medical wear. Fashion-forward detailing, draping, and fine tailoring is at the heart of our brand and we’re committed to keeping you comfortable and stylish.

Understated elegance – that’s our motto.

Because at the end of the day it’s about you and the service you give each day. We simply want to make you look great doing what you do best.

All Stitch Lab LA medical scrubs are 100% cut, sewn, and created in Los Angeles, CA.