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Beverly Hills aesthetic injection specialist Rand Rusher treats his patient Shannon with a quick and easy fix for her gummy smile in all of five minutes. According to Rand, you’ll naturally lose your gummy smile as you age, but you don’t have to wait for your age to catch up with you. “Teeth are a sign of youth,” says Rand, and what matters is simply liking your smile!

Before jumping straight to any neuromodulator, or botox, injection, Rand takes a step back and analyzes how the rest of her face is affected when she smiles. He notices a droopy brow and symptoms of a “witch’s chin,” or a chin that’s beginning to bunch up and extend outwards, another side-effect of aging. Rand treats these facial hotspots with simple botox injections.

The durational effects of botox depend on the individual and it usually takes up to ten days to see the final results. “The nice thing about botox is that we can always add more,” says Rand. “The good news is that it doesn’t last; the bad news is that it doesn’t last.” Depending on the specific area and dose of the botox injection, you can expect its effects to last anywhere from three to six months.

How many botox injections you receive also depends on your facial strength and genetic make-up. Although Rand would usually place botox units in his patients’ foreheads when treating smiles, Shannon’s individual facial strength doesn’t require botox injections in those areas. Sometimes, more results can be accomplished with fewer injections, and if Shannon still doesn’t approve of the results, another five-minute appointment is all it takes.

After the injections, Rand advises Shannon to avoid any harsh facial contact with any surface as well as to avoid rubbing her eyes for about the next hour. This lets the botox work its magic and properly relax the muscles that Rand targeted. “Kind of the common sense things,” says Rand.

After a week, Shannon comes back in to see Rand and show off her botox before-and-after. Shannon’s gummy smile has disappeared, her facial muscles, most especially around her eyes, have relaxed, and she now emits a youthful radiance. Mission accomplished!

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