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Some feel they have a perfect nose. Others see all kinds of imperfections. But as the cost of surgical rhinoplasty can be anywhere from $5-$10K, with typically a 30-day recovery, one might hesitate before undergoing the full monty. The good news is, there is such a thing as a non-surgical nose job and it can be done on your lunch break.

What is a non-surgical nose job?

With the help of fillers and botox, an aesthetic medicine specialist can re-shape your nose in only 15-30 minutes, and the changes will last 9 months – 2 years. There’s no invasive surgery, no downtime, no bruising, no black eyes, no anesthesia. In fact, the side effects of a non-surgical nose job are next to none. “It’s quite painless, there’s [just] a little bit of a stick.”, says Beverly Hills aesthetic injection specialist Rand Rusher, R.N. The cost is also much less painful than surgery, usually between $600-$1100 per visit.

For instance, if you have a hated big “bump” on your nose, a talented aesthetic medicine specialist can add filler above and below the bump, effectively eliminating it and make your nose look completely straight. Applying filler around the tip can make it look thinner, and injecting Botox into the muscle can lift the tip of the nose, removing the “hook”. That may seem counter-intuitive, but yes, adding filler to the nose can actually make it appear smaller and more balanced.

Another bonus is that a non-surgical nose job  – aka a “lunchtime nose job” – is completely reversible. If you don’t like the results, the filler can be dissolved and the nose restored to its original shape. Some fillers are temporary and dissolve after a few months and others are more permanent and last for years – the choice depends on how committed you are to the look you want.

Am I a candidate for a non-surgical nose job?

The best candidates for a non-surgical nose job are those who have a pronounced bump on the bridge of their nose. By filling the area around the bump, the aesthetic medicine specialist creates the illusion of a perfectly straight nose. You can also correct a droopy tip (filler will help lift it up) and mildly crooked noses (filler will correct any sharp angles). Unfortunately, if you think your nose is too big and you’d like to make it smaller, if it’s too thick, the bump is extreme, or if your nose was broken, you’ll require surgical rhinoplasty. 

In the video below, Rand’s patient Rochelle complained of a flat nose and a tip that seemed kind of droopy. Rand injected Botox to lift the tip of the nose and then added filler to make it look like a forward nose instead of a flatter nose. Rand says it’s “a little fix with great results.”

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