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We know it just as well as you do: Your scrubs can feel like an extension of your very self. Whether you’re a surgeon, a nurse, a receptionist, or any type of employee working within a medical setting, you’re never anywhere without them. Within the workplace, their appearance is second-nature; but out in public, not so much.

A recent study illustrated that, for first impressions, most people prefer to see doctors and nurses in one of two sets of attire: medical scrubs with a white coat or simply scrubs alone. The public assumes that, if you’re wearing scrubs in public, you must be a doctor, but it’s not just the doctors and nurses that don the sacred scrubs. For the case of wearing your scrubs in public, some say why? while others say why not?

Regardless of your job title, it’s impossible to know what your scrubs will look like at the end of a workday. Between the blotches of blood, medicinal spills, and every unmentionable you might encounter, you just can’t know for sure what condition they’ll be in when it comes time to make a quick social stop without time to change. How, then, can you keep yourself looking presentable outside of the office?

Do your best to keep your scrubs looking clean.

Nobody wants to wear – or see – dirty scrubs in public. There are measures you can take to pre-treat your scrubs before going into work to reduce future staining and contamination. If, however, you stain your scrubs on your shift while public appearances still await you, try to pre-treat the stain immediately to avoid setting. If the stain sets, it becomes more difficult to remove. Gently treat the stain with water and do not apply any direct heat or pressure. Doing so will allow you to somewhat salvage your scrubs until you find a place to change.

It’s also recommended for doctors, P.A.’s, and nurses to wear personal protective apparel (PPE) to protect their scrubs from stains and spills. Wear PPE and your scrubs stand a greater chance of staying clean.

DO bring more than one set of scrubs to work.

A universal rule for anyone working in a medical setting is to bring an extra set of scrubs to work. Then, you might just find a chance to look clean and fresh before going out in public. But if you’re a medical practitioner wearing your scrubs on the way to work and you stop for breakfast or coffee, make sure you change out of those scrubs and into fresh ones before entering the OR or caring for immunocompromised patients.

Is it okay to wear your scrubs to private events?

It’s one thing to wear your scrubs on a lunch break, while running an errand, or before heading to work. But is it okay to wear your scrubs to an event like your friend’s birthday party? That depends on how stylish and comfortable your scrubs are. We certainly wouldn’t recommend wearing old school, green, boxy scrubs out on the town. But Stitch Lab LA scrubs, yes indeed.

At the end of the day, you are a healthcare worker, dedicated to treating and comforting those in need.  And that’s a fact worth advertising. And if your scrubs are fashionable and comfortable, why wouldn’t you?

Stitch Lab LA scrubs combine the functionality of medical scrubs with modern style. If you’re going to wear scrubs all day, you might as well look stylish without sacrificing comfort.

Our scrubs are made from quality fabric that stretches and conforms to the curves of your body without sacrificing the functionality necessary to do your job.  When you’re in Stitch Lab LA medical scrubs, you may just find yourself looking forward to your next meetup in your work attire.