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STITCH LAB LA helps you make your best first impression. As the premier provider of sophisticated, finely tailored, quality-crafted medical wear, our experience in healthcare gives us the foundation to create apparel with your professional success in mind.
medical apparel

You don’t get a 2nd chance to make a  first impression on patients.

We’re not just masters of medical clothing – we address the unique aspects of your medical practice and the diverse needs of your medical staff. Our fashion-forward medical apparel helps your healthcare practice project the consistency, style, and confidence that’s so important to a superior patient experience.

The clothes you wear make lasting first impressions. Science says so.

Your clothing affects the perceptions and reactions you receive from your peers and patients. Research shows that appropriate employee attire truly affects the customer experience. Studies conducted to test the effects of service personnel clothing on customer expectations revealed that appropriately dressed employees elicit stronger purchase intentions than those who are inappropriately dressed. This is why we say you never have a 2nd chance to make a great 1st impression, especially on patients.

Stylish medical apparel to fit the demands of your job and the shape of your body.

Stitch Lab LA medical apparel stands up to the high demands of your work environment with innovative designs and rich, durable fabrics stitched with precision. We give medical professionals a fashionable solution to reduce workplace dress issues and give employees a sense of camaraderie. Our modern-fit medical wear gives your patients a first impression that reinforces your excellent skill.
medical apparel

Solutions for medical professionals made by medical professionals.

As former aesthetic medicine healthcare professionals, we understand the demands of your workplace. This gives us a unique advantage in creating an office-wide apparel solution. Technical design elements like lycra panels are strategically placed to provide maximum flexibility in movement while keeping you cool and refreshed during long work days. Our fabrics are selected for their durability and “no fuss” wash and wear performance.

More stylish than your average ‘pajama’ scrub. Longer lasting than our competitors.

Stitch Lab LA’s strong weaves provide strength and resilience wear after wear.  Shape and form are paramount to ensure we surpass the stigma of the “pajama” scrub.  Rich, colorfast dyes keep our medical wear looking great after most competing brands fade away.

Your success depends on first impressions. Make them great wearing fashion-forward medical apparel from Stitch Lab LA. With our finely tailored designs and high-quality fabrics, we give you the confidence you need to deliver excellent patient care that elicits trust and keeps them coming back for more. Make outstanding first impressions that matter most with Stitch Lab LA.

Learn more about our tailored designs and durable fabrics, and shop our modern medical apparel for women and men.